Arunai Charitable Trust is an Indian Non-Profit Organization formed in 2006. It is a Tamil Nadu registered non-religious Trust Act. It is also has registered by District Collectorate in social Welfare Department, Justice Juvenile Act, Child Welfare committee,18G12A for Indian Tax Exemptions, Ministry of Home Affairs for receiving foreign Donations. Arunai Charitable Trust is a small organization founded and managed by people who want to contribute to their community. It has a strong desire to plan and carry out social and educational programs. Thanks to all the generous people who continuously support the organization.

Our Charity Activities

Our Children’s Home have seventeen girls between ages of 5 to 14 who either don’t have parents or only have one parent. Most of the single parents are poor and unable to provide for their children due to the loss t of their husbands because of the alcoholism or other diseases.

Arunai Charitable Trust is continuously striving to improve and develop its capability in helping Children’s Education; therefore in 2016 we started a program to sponsor educational expenses of the children who cannot afford to go to school.